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The Diagnosis is in…

So after over a year of suffering with increasing chronic pain I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

So what now?

Well I’ve already been prescribed pain killers and had physiotherapy, so day to day nothing in that regard is going to change. However what is going to change is my outlook on life, it is time to stop the worrying step back from the anger and calm down.

Whatever happens here on in at least I know what it is I’m fighting so there is at least one anxiety point removed only 999,999 to go.

Slice of humble pie Mr Spicer?

In an effort to back track on the ‘Alternative Facts’ fiasco White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has now back tracked, at least partially, on his claims regarding the attendance numbers for Donald trumps inauguration. He still doesn’t want to back down on the viewing figures, but given there are no real measurable figures for online viewership, we may have to let him have that one.

He also promised to have a more truthful relationship with the press so lets just see.

We live in a world of alternative facts

According to the new White House administration, we no longer live in a world of right or wrong, true or false, we now live in a world of ‘Alternative Facts’.

Following the new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s outright refusal to admit that Donald Trumps inauguration had fewer attendees than previous presidential inaugurations, and his presentation of clearly made up facts and figures, he was rightly dragged over hot coals in the press and by social media.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Tweet the transit figures;

This prompted Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway, in an act of pure desperation, to attempt and defend Mr Spicer’s outlandish comments as alternative facts not the lies which they clearly were.

Click here for the full interview

So there you have it folks straight from the White House, you are no longer telling lies you are presenting alternative facts.
If this is the way this administration is acting after only 24 hours in office I dread to think what the next four years will bring.

Breaking things down – Your life in thirds

For most of us life can be broken down into thirds, for example;

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work

Each of will have a different set of thirds, but no matter what they are they make up who we are.

Personally I break my life down like this,

  • Family
  • Life
  • Me

Family – Pretty obvious really, this is time I spend with my wife, daughter and close relatives.

Life – This one covers a multitude of sins such as work, friend, trying to keep the house in order and ranting about things that rub me up the wrong way (yeah this happens a lot).

Me – Now those who know me well will know that for some time I have battled with depression and anxiety, as well as one or two other health issues. So far from being as self-centred as I sound, this is the time I spend keeping myself centred.

So what ever your thirds are, and no matter how unevenly divided they are, remember they make up who you are so embrace them.

I’m going to stop know before I start to sound like a self help book.


As you’ll have no doubt seen in the media a lorry has crashed into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring at least 48 others.

It is easy to get caught up in the media ‘scaremongering’ and while this may yet turn out to be an act of extremist terrorism, we can not lose sight of the tragedy of the loss of 12 lives and 48 injured people, and the impact on them their loved ones and friends at would should be a joyous time of year regardless of religious belief.

As with so many acts of terror, either in Europe and elsewhere in the world, the media will only report on what fits their individual agenda. The and while the families and friends of the victims will of course be important, while there is a sound bite or tragic photo to be had, but the media will all to quickly forget these victims, and start calling for the usual reprisals against those responsible.

We must not forget that the hopes and dreams of 50 families have been shattered, and that is what needs to be at the for front of our thoughts and prayers.

Keep them in your minds and hearts this Christmas and beyond.