Breaking things down – Your life in thirds

For most of us life can be broken down into thirds, for example;

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work

Each of will have a different set of thirds, but no matter what they are they make up who we are.

Personally I break my life down like this,

  • Family
  • Life
  • Me

Family – Pretty obvious really, this is time I spend with my wife, daughter and close relatives.

Life – This one covers a multitude of sins such as work, friend, trying to keep the house in order and ranting about things that rub me up the wrong way (yeah this happens a lot).

Me – Now those who know me well will know that for some time I have battled with depression and anxiety, as well as one or two other health issues. So far from being as self-centred as I sound, this is the time I spend keeping myself centred.

So what ever your thirds are, and no matter how unevenly divided they are, remember they make up who you are so embrace them.

I’m going to stop know before I start to sound like a self help book.


As you’ll have no doubt seen in the media a lorry has crashed into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring at least 48 others.

It is easy to get caught up in the media ‘scaremongering’ and while this may yet turn out to be an act of extremist terrorism, we can not lose sight of the tragedy of the loss of 12 lives and 48 injured people, and the impact on them their loved ones and friends at would should be a joyous time of year regardless of religious belief.

As with so many acts of terror, either in Europe and elsewhere in the world, the media will only report on what fits their individual agenda. The and while the families and friends of the victims will of course be important, while there is a sound bite or tragic photo to be had, but the media will all to quickly forget these victims, and start calling for the usual reprisals against those responsible.

We must not forget that the hopes and dreams of 50 families have been shattered, and that is what needs to be at the for front of our thoughts and prayers.

Keep them in your minds and hearts this Christmas and beyond.

Teaching Assistants and Unions call off strike action

Following last weeks sudden u-turn by Durham County Council, not to fire and rehire over two thousand Teaching Assistants on New Years Eve. The further industrial action which was due to take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, has also been cancelled to allow time for further discussions to take place.

Although the Lions of Durham may not be out on strike they are still maintaining the momentum of their campaign and will be holding a Christmas sing a long in Durham Market Place at 5pm this Wednesday evening.