Microbial Museum – by Maya Chowdhry

Microbial Museum – by Maya Chowdhry

April ship sets sail, sea freezes ripples, leaves Rothera
behind. One hundred and fifty thousand years of snowfall in

cylindrical samples, bubble-wrapped, boxed in styrofoam,
cores wrenched from ice caverns to Immingham.

Drill incises annulus ice cuttings spiral surface. Statistics
held in water vapour measure up to eons of weather.

Blueprints of other lives, the oldest ice sequesters
reservoirs of extinct creatures resurrected.

Suspending cable sonars frozen microbial cells
immortal bugs from bacteriasicles emerge, grow, divide.

Prehistoric pestilence thaws, allows ancient genes to mix with
modern ones. Skiing genotype slaloms through DNA markers,

mutating the ocean, creeping into the unsuspecting cells
of species climbing the ladder to life.

The future is thawed, dispatched into a white out.